-Transmission repair- 

 Our certified techs first carefully disassemble your transmission & clean all internal and external components. They then utilize vital pass or fail tests to check all electrical and mechanical assemblies for proper specifications. Our techs then replace severely worn hard parts as necessary while the rest of your transmission is overhauled using trusted parts and proper industry methods. Lastly our certified techs, reassemble your transmission for final hydraulic and electronic tests to ensure proper function and satisfied drivers.   

.We also perform the following services on domestic and imported vehicles. 

  • Diagnostics

  • Trouble Code Scans

  • Electrical Component Testing

  • Wiring

  • ECM/TCM Service

  • Multi-Point Inspections

  • ATF & Filter Service

  • Valve Body Service

  • Seal Replacement

  • Auxiliary Oil Cooler Installation

  • Rebuilt RWD & FWD Transmissions

  • Transmission Installation

  • Transmission Removal

  • Final Drive Service

  • 4x4


Diagnostics, starting from $40.00 to $150.00  |  ATF & Filter Services, starting from $70.00 to $160.00 | Rebuilt Transmissions, starting from $900.00 to $5,000.00


Our rebuilt transmissions come standard with one-year or 12,000 mile warranties whichever comes first.  We also offer extended two-year or 24,000 mile warranties and three-year or 36,000 mile warranties for anyone looking for additional coverage.


We also carry a variety of transmission valve bodies, solenoid packs, filters, gaskets, torque converters and other transmission-related parts. Our parts come from a variety of local suppliers and import suppliers. These parts, come new, rebuilt, OEM, used, or aftermarket. 


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